Experts in international and domestic mobility, we provide you with help and advice on your relocation project and offer a bespoke, comprehensive programme.


Founded in 1986, our company has solid experience in the mobility sector. Our expertise in relocation relies on a network of certified international partners. In addition, we are the only relocation firm in France that meets expatriates face to face. Our staff are attentive to our clients’ needs and expectations.

Membership of trade associations enables us to adopt the latest innovations in the sector and to build an additional network of complementary trustworthy partners given that no other group in the profession covers the entire world.

Our strength comes from being able to guarantee quality service worldwide. Our geographical cover is made possible by high quality business partners.

Our extensive experience in relocation enables us to offer you a bespoke solution to meet your needs.

Most of our clients are companies. We look after expatriates of every nationality who are sent on assignments by their employer to France or elsewhere in the world.

We assist and advise companies of all sizes in organising the mobility of their staff, both in France and abroad.

We have opted for a very personalised approach. Both directors oversee every mission. They ensure the quality of the services offered and decide on the strategy to be adopted according to your needs. We also provide an excellent online tool to enable the parties concerned to stay in contact.

To guarantee personalised follow-up, we assign a single contact person to oversee each job, from inception to complete fulfilment of the service. In addition, we are bound by a performance obligation to our clients and their full satisfaction is our prime objective.

There is a wide range of information to be taken on board and documents to be provided and each expatriate has different needs. This is why we offer an appropriate, personalised client-oriented approach. Feel free to contact us to fill in our questionnaire and get a precise answer.

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The cost of a relocation may obviously vary according to the quantity of belongings that you want to have shipped, but also according to volume, weight, mode of transport (road, rail, air or sea), deadlines (special or grouped transport) and the type of service required (full or partial packing/unpacking).

The easiest way to determine the cost of your relocation is to make a free appointment with one of our consultants.

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Like the price, the time needed to pack and load, and then to unload and unpack, depends on the quantity of belongings and the kind of services required.

Accordingly, we can assign more or fewer moving staff per day to handle your move. It should be noted that, if the situation allows, we nonetheless prefer to keep the number of movers present to a minimum and stagger the move over several days to alleviate any stress and offer you better control over the team.

Feel free to contact our sales department so that we can work together on a proposal unique to your needs.

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The transport time may vary according to the mode of transport (road, rail, air, sea) and the type of transport (special, grouped).

For individual road transport, you should factor in an average of one day’s transport for a distance of 500 km. “Special” means that the lorry is on the road for the sole purpose of carrying out your move.
With grouped transport, the time needed depends on how a consolidated journey is put together. It generally takes longer than special transport, 7 to 15 days on average. This solution is more economical in that the transport cost of the return journey is shared by several clients. This enables us to keep down our carbon footprint per m3 shipped.

Shipments by air and sea are generally intended for overseas destinations. Air transport is much faster (15 to 20 days on average), but it is also much more expensive than by sea. We prefer it for shipping personal essentials and therefore for smaller volumes (under 5 m3).

Sea transport makes it possible to ship more belongings in containers (20-foot, 40-foot, 40-foot high cube), but the transport time is longer at 3 to 12 weeks, depending on geographical area). For volumes under 10 m3 we can also offer grouped transport in individual maritime crates. Here too, this is more attractive in financial terms, but the transport time is a little longer.

Lastly, one should be aware that, where customs formalities have to be undergone, the transport times given are intended simply as a guideline. Indeed, the customs authorities are fully empowered to block a shipment. In addition, for certain countries, it may be necessary for us to get the green light from our office at the destination before we can go ahead with the shipment in order to ensure that it will actually be permitted to enter the country. In this case, the loading date may be delayed until the green light is given or storage in the country of departure can be arranged.

Feel free to contact our sales department for more information.

Within France, you can transport practically everything except for banned and regulated substances (inflammables, firearms, protected species, narcotics, etc.) and articles not covered by insurance which we do not recommend having transported (cash, jewellery, collections, furs, items of value, plants.

Internationally, outside the EU, the same terms apply. To this we can add food and food products (spices, coffee, tea, powdered milk, etc.), wines and spirits, agricultural products, including seeds and plants, soil (including soiled items: shoes, mowers, garden tools, bicycle tyres, etc. – NB: they must be perfectly clean!), literature/books/religious articles critical of the predominant religion of the country (e.g.: Bible/physical representation & Saudi Arabia), politicised articles (particularly any that oppose the regime in place) and erotica.

Your belongings and goods, even when entrusted to the care of a moving company or a professional shipping agent, are at risk and may therefore be damanged damage or be lost in transit. Therefore, because zero risk cannot be guaranteed, we have negotiated an ad valorem insurance contract on your behalf on advantageous terms.

Because your belongings constitute your net worth and transporting and protecting them are our business, this insurance will cover your belongings against any loss and damage that may occur in transit.

In this case, the insurance indemnity is paid to the beneficiary under the terms and conditions provided in the contract regardless of whether or not the liability of the shipping agent is at issue.

It provides fully comprehensive insurance without excess on all of your belongings and goods during home to home transport, including vehicles, according to the general terms and conditions of a policy selected especially for you, a copy of which can be provided on request.

We possess furniture storage facilities to store your belongings for the time necessary. This may mean storage in transit for a few days or weeks, while you await your visa or the keys to your new home, for example. We can also provide long-term storage for several years. If you are moving abroad, belongings can be stored in the country of departure or the country of arrival, provided that the paperwork is complete to go through any customs checks.


We offer various rates. Feel free to contact us to ask for a personalised offer.

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France Global Relocation offers competitive rates. We can also adapt our services to your budget.

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Yes, our experts are perfectly familiar with the local fabric and can advise you in line with your family’s needs and expectations: geographical situation of the spouse’s job, schools for the children and any other details necessary to your well-being. We offer you better security and peace of mind.

We are not affiliated to any estate agencies and receive no commissions from any of our business partners. Our consultants carry out a search based on your criteria. We will suggest a selection of apartments / houses that you will have the opportunity to visit with one of our consultants. At the end of the day, the final choice will be yours.

At our first appointment, whether face to face, by videoconference or by telephone, we will familiarise you with the French way of doing things. We also suggest an exploratory visit, the aim of which is to give you the most realistic view possible of your future life in France.

Yes, we help you to understand the French rental agreement in your own language, open your electricity, gas, water accounts, etc., take out the most suitable home insurance.

Other services

Yes, we help you to obtain a work permit and a residence permit. Depending on your situation, we advise you on the best status to adopt.

We have a social security expert at our disposal who can sort out any complicated issues. Our expert will gather together all the information and documents needed to deal with your paperwork. They will help you get a social security number as quickly as possible.

Yes, we know all the best French and international schools and can find the one that best suits you. We will factor in your office address, the place where you want to live and the type of education you prefer for your children.

Depending on your spouse's plans, we can establish an action plan and help them see it through: finding and setting you up in a new home, organising your family life or finding a new job.

Send us your questions below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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