Company transfer

Relocating your company is a difficult and time-consuming business that has to be organised in several stages.

Sound forward-planning and solid coordination are the keys to a successful move for your company. Our approach incorporates the specifics of the life of your company and we assist and advise you at every stage of your planned transfer.

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We help you to examine each and every issue to be considered (audit of future premises, notice, specifications, in-house communication, layout plan, etc.) before you transfer your company. Our experts assist and advise you with the legal framework as well as with drafting the specifications.

We accompany you during the actual transfer and/or setting up the new site:






subcontracted works

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Working closely with your managers, we can arrange any type of move:

  • Relocation of office furniture
  • Transfer of computer equipment & electronic appliances
  • Archives
  • Stock
  • Processing lines
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Factory machinery
  • Specialist handling jobs for heavy items or artworks.
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Whether your relocation is domestic or international, we take care of every step of your transfer project:

  • Project management
  • Consultation of various service providers
  • Space layout
  • Supervision of transfer operations
  • Maintenance and replacement of your furniture
  • Minor maintenance (changing light bulbs, minor repairs).
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