Cookies Policy

A “Cookie” or tracker is an electronic file stored on a terminal (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.) and read, for example, when consulting an internet site, reading an email or installing or using software or a mobile application, irrespective of the type of terminal used (source:

As you browse on this website, “cookies” from the company responsible for the website concerned and/or third-party companies may be stored in your terminal.

These cookies can only be consulted or modified by the company sending them. They have a legal lifespan of 13 months.

Using cookies

Seegmuller uses cookies managed by third-party partner companies (Google, Facebook, HubSpot, Advisa).

These cookies enable us to guarantee website operation and security, save visitors’ preferences, and enhance their experience or even customise it.

We use cookies pertaining to the website’s “essential” functions:

These cookies are obligatory for the operation of the website and the functions available to you. These cookies do not ask for your consent prior to their being used. This is the case, for example, for the cookie that allows us to save your preferences regarding cookies.

We use cookies pertaining to the website’s performance:

These cookies enable us to measure the website’s audience (performance measurement, detection of problems with browsing, optimisation of technical performances, etc.) in such as way as to come to a better understanding of how you consult our content and use our services, our aim being to enhance your experience on the website as much as possible and provide you with the best possible service. Some of these cookies are considered “essential” to the website’s operation and are therefore not subject to your being asked for your prior consent.

We use cookies related to advertising:

These cookies allow us to provide you with personalised advertising and commercial offers depending on:

  • The context in which the advertising is displayed which, in real time, implies gathering information on the content that you consult.
  • The pages and websites that you may have consulted during your recent browsing or before visiting our website.

The circulation and effectiveness of such personalised advertising are measured. The ultimate objective is to understand and respond to your preferences.

We do not supply any personal information to third-party advertisers who post our advertising and/or content on the basis of your preferences/areas of interest.

Lastly, we use social media share cookies:

On some pages on the website, you may see third-party social media tabs that allow you to use the functions of those media and, in particular, to share the content found on the website with other people.

The chatbot identifies you in order to save a history of your interactions with our consultants.

Managing cookies

You may modify your initial choice by deactivating cookies here: