Guaranteeing you maximum peace of mind regarding the protection of your belongings!

By entrusting us with your removal, you can be sure that our teams will take good care of your belongings and that we will do everything possible to ensure that your personal belongings are covered at all times and in all circumstances.

Why take out an insurance policy?

Even when entrusted to a professional mover or shipping agent, your belongings and goods are at risk and may therefore be damaged or be lost in transit. Since zero risk cannot be guaranteed, we have negociated an advantageous ad valorem insurance contract on your behalf.

Because your goods are your assets and because transporting and protecting them is our business, this insurance will cover your belongings against loss and damage that may occur in transit

In this case, the insurance indemnity is paid to the beneficiary under the terms and conditions provided in the contract regardless of whether or not the liability of the shipping agent is at issue.

It provides fully comprehensive insurance without excess on all of your belongings and goods during home to home transport, including vehicles, according to the general terms and conditions of a policy selected especially for you, a copy of which can be provided on request.

How to take out an insurance policy

Take the greatest care of the valuables that you declare.

Indeed, undervaluing your belongings will expose you to a lower indemnity should they be damaged in transit. Conversely, an overvaluation will not guarantee that you will be able to claim more than the value of a damaged object.

So it is essential that the valuation of belongings is as close as possible to their replacement value in the destination country.