10 tips for packing your boxes

Optimise and save time on preparing your boxes through our top 10 tips.

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5 steps to take before moving abroad

Moving abroad requires much more organisation than simply moving house and it’s not…

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Brexit: what changes will there be for British employees in 2021?

Check out our comprehensive Brexit dossier: formalities to complete, changes,…

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Moving to another country in times of crisis

Moving to another country in times of crisis is not impossible. France Global…

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Hats off to Damien, Thierry and Pascal!

Hats off to three movers and shakers: Pascal Labouille, Thierry Bouché and Damien…

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How to open a bank account in France for a non-resident

Check out our answers to all of your questions on banking formalities in France.

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Understanding removal company jargon

Consult our guide to become an expert in moving.

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What storage facilities are available for companies?

The best solutions for storing your furniture in complete safety.

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How to obtain your tax identification number

This is an essential step when you arrive in France. You can find explanations in our…

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