Plan ahead to anticipate each stage in your move. We give you and your family the keys to a better understanding of the new cultural context in which you’ll be living and working.

With our various training programmes, you’ll find out how to make better preparations for your mobility project, the best managerial practices and life on the ground, to guarantee the success of your expatriation.

Planning ahead for expatriation

For many years, we have been providing training courses on ”Successful Expatriation” that go a long way to helping expats integrate into their new surroundings. “ Successful Expatriation ” helps you to tackle your mobility project with complete peace of mind.

The aim of these training courses is to:

  • Provide a sound understanding of any issues arising from your mobility
  • Facilitate your arrival on the ground
  • Ease you gently into your expatriation
  • Save time and reduce stress
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Successful integration

The ” Welcome to France ” training course helps you to successfully ease into your integration in the land of the snail in garlic butter.

The aim of this training course is to:

  • Find out about French habits and customs
  • Learn about every day customs in private and business life
  • Understand local social interactions
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Cross-cultural training

We offer cross-cultural training courses before you leave or when you arrive.

Training can be given in English, French or the local language, depending on your destination. We offer various packages, depending on the needs of you and your family:

  • Cross-cultural training and awareness in your host country
  • Coaching in starting work (adjusted to suit the employee’s professional context and the geographical location)
  • Working in a cross-cultural team
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Advice and assistance for spouses

We select an experienced service provider suited to your spouse’s plans !

Salaried work, volunteering, charity work, sports and other plans? We offer personalised advice and assistance for your spouse.

The aim of this training course is to:

  • Provide career advice
  • Define their new professional plans
  • Create communication tools (CV, job application letter)
  • Prepare for job interviews
  • Advice and assistance during the recruitment process
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Advice and assistance for children

We select an experienced service provider according to your children’s needs.

They say that children adapt more easily. In reality, they need to adapt to the environment just as much as their parents, especially when they are a little older and more independent. They are leaving behind all that they’ve known (school, after-school activities, friends, etc.) and are forced to start all over again in a different place.

In addition to the cross-cultural awareness from which children may benefit in their family environment, they can get coaching on career’s guidance for life after high school.

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Give your expatriates greater agility with the mobility budgets!

Now more than ever, expatriation is a strategic lever in the development of your business. Our staff can help you with forward-planning and deal with your mobility plans to put a positive spin on expatriation projects from the outset:

  • Establish a mobility budget for your staff
  • Your staff select the services that best suit their plans and allocate their mobility budget as they see fit
  • Moving house, buying furniture, mobility services, training courses, etc. We centralise & manage each service on your behalf
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