Expense & Tenancy Management

Better known under its English name Expense & Tenancy Management, we act as a veritable go-between for your account.

Expenses management

Expense Management

We facilitate your administrative and accounting monitoring  and your financial expenses management  related to the life of families who have relocated.

Rental Advice

Depending on the rights and duties of your expat staff, we manage relations with the lessor, the property agency and any other designated service providers.

Tenancy Management

We also manage your rental housing stock rented to your staff, the expenses incurred and any costs relating to expatriation.
The payment of deposits, rents and any other outlays.

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Rental management

  • Management of rent payment on behalf of the rental agency and incidents relating to the properties.
  • Management of the flow of occupants in housing rented by the rental agency.
  • Agency cost management, deposits
  • Cash advances (taxes, translation expenses)
  • Helpline
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Give your expatriates greater agility with the mobility budgets!

Now more than ever, expatriation is a strategic lever in the development of your business. Our staff can help you with forward-planning and deal with your mobility plans to put a positive spin on expatriation projects from the outset:

  • Establish a mobility budget for your staff
  • Your staff select the services that best suit their plans and allocate their mobility budget as they see fit
  • Moving house, buying furniture, mobility services, training courses, etc. We centralise & manage each service on your behalf
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