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Our experts in expatriate remuneration have developed an online calculator: Smart expatriation that helps you to estimate, the remuneration of your expatriate employees or staff on overseas assignments completely independently, including the cost of living and the cost of housing allowances and allowances for social security contributions and taxes.

You can therefore optimise the employer cost and run your package deal calculations on more than 3,000 country combinations.

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Our digital remuneration calculator (more than 200,000 calculations) is recognised by our clients for the strength of our algorithms and the transparency of our methodology and sources. It is Reliable (constant data updates) and Flexible (can be adapted to your policy). Our many users welcome its user friendly nature and the clarity of the calculations, whether for HR or for the expatriates themselves.

Package deal calculations and employer costs

On the basis of the guaranteed net in the country of origin (U-shaped curve), you will obtain the equivalent remuneration in the host country, factoring in:

  • The proportion of consumption to which the COLA cost of living allowance is applied (two local indices: local or expatriate or your own index)
  • The savings proportion
  • The cost of housing abroad (with or without deduction of a housing standard)
  • The allowance for social cover and income tax

The Premium version allows you to incorporate all our help and advice services and project costs over 5 years.

The Comprehensive version allows you to select assignment or expatriation as regards social cover.

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Remuneration in the country of origin

Gross salary

Employee welfare charges

Income tax

Net salary after tax and social security contributions (1-2-3)

Cost of housing

Proportion of income devoted to consumption (cost of living index)

Savings (4-5-6)

















Remuneration in destination country

Gross salary (11+12+13)

Cost of housing

Proportion of income devoted to consumption

Salary after tax and social security contributions (8+9+10)

Cost of housing

Proportion of income devoted to consumption adjusted to the cost of living (cost of living allowance)

Savings (4-5-6)

Cost of living allowance (COLA) and housing charts

You can easily access the cost of living allowances or housing charts in more than 230 cities.

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Tax calculations

It is easy to make your tax and social security contribution calculations based on gross remuneration or net remuneration (marked up to the gross welfare and tax charges: gross-up).

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Give your expatriates greater agility with a mobility budget!

Now more than ever, expatriation is a strategic lever in the development of your business. Our staff can help you with forward-planning and deal with your mobility plans to put a positive spin on expatriation projects from the outset:

  • Establish a mobility budget for your staff
  • Your staff select the services that best suit their plans and allocate their mobility budget as they see fit
  • Moving house, buying furniture, mobility services, training courses, etc. We centralise & manage each service on your behalf
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