Our experts in expatriate remuneration, policies, compliance audits, welfare cover, pay and taxation get involved at an early stage to cover every aspect of your move.

Our services are  part and parcel of the guarantee of personal service in expatriation from or to France or between third countries.

Multi-faceted expertise

Multicultural and multilingual staff

Diverse skills and profiles

Risk Management

Our multinational culture as IM Managers and experience in the “Big Four” gives us the wherewithal to understand your needs and become part of your international strategy:

  • Compliance audit
  • Revision of International Mobility Policies
  • Practices audit
  • Audit of the International Mobility service
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Outsourced Management

We work hand-in-hand with you to provide proper operational assistance and advice:

  • Analysis and application of a wage portage solution
  • Outsourced management of pay and voluntary welfare contributions for expatriates
  • Assistance agreement
  • Outsourced management of international mobility
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Employer cost optimisation

Our consultants help and advise you with:

  • Remuneration according to country of origin / host country approach
  • Calculation of the employer cost, comparison of two assumptions and drafting of a general summary with social and fiscal optimisation of the employer cost
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Legal, social and tax advice

We assist and advise you with your development in France and abroad by calling on our in-house skills regarding every area of IM and all legal, social and tax issues:

  • Legal advice on preparing an international mobility project
  • Drawing up the employment contract / additional detachment or expatriation clause
  • Tax interview
  • Advice on social protection
  • Establishment of residence for tax purposes
  • Set-up of the tax withholding system (PAS, PASRAU), PAS rate
  • Simple or complex tax returns
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Give your expatriates greater agility with the mobility budgets!

Now more than ever, expatriation is a strategic lever in the development of your business. Our staff can help you with forward-planning and deal with your mobility plans to put a positive spin on expatriation projects from the outset:

  • Establish a mobility budget for your staff
  • Your staff select the services that best suit their plans and allocate their mobility budget as they see fit
  • Moving house, buying furniture, mobility services, training courses, etc. We centralise & manage each service on your behalf
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